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Welcome to the DM Camp Sponsorship Program!

The Davis-Monthan AFB Community and Airman Partnering (CAMP) Program is a program that supports the Airmen stationed at Davis-Monthan AFB. Airmen have chosen to defend their home country but are shipped away from their real home. The CAMP Program helps Airmen find a home here in Tucson, Arizona.

Most Airmen who are first stationed at DMAFB live in the dorms on base. The Airmen sometimes have no points of contact in the city and are unfamiliar with the local area. These Airmen would like to see the city; however, they have no means to get outside of the base. Transportation and money are sometimes limiting factors for new Airmen on Base

Families in the Tuscon area are welcome to be hosts to Airmen. Families can volunteer through this website or by contacting the Program Admin listed below.